Olson Planning and Urban Landscapes is Soon to be EVstudio Planning, LLC

I am very excited to announce that Olson Planning & Urban Landscapes will soon be operating as EVstudio Planning, LLC. The same great service and responsiveness that clients of Olson Planning & Urban Landscapes have enjoyed will soon be enhanced with the support of the Architectural and Engineering Company, EVstudio. Beyond the enhanced support network, the day-to-day operations will continue in Colorado Springs, which includes but is not limited to the same: Contact information; Physical address; Fee establishment; and Level of performance.

Many of you know that Olson Planning & Urban Landscapes has operated as an affiliate organization to EVstudio since the commencement of OP&UL. EVstudio Planning, LLC is a direct result of this great working relationship between OP&UL and EVstudio.

Thank you for your continued support!

Very respectfully,

John W. Olson, Principal, EVstudio Planning, LLC


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