Buzz Boulevard: A Context-Sensitve Model for Neighborhood Boulevards

25-ft of separation between trees allows plenty of space to parallel park a standard vehicle in South Main.

South Main, a Southern Colorado TND, includes a beautiful context-sensitive street called Buzz Boulevard.  Buzz Boulevard is a narrow boulevard with a landscaped median that is sized appropriately to accommodate the vehicle and pedestrian.  A litmus test for all streets desiring pedestrian interaction should be if they are comfortable to walk in the street itself.  This street definitely passes the test. The treatment of on-street parking is what makes the street great.  “On-street” parking is handled outside of the flush curb in an area that could be vegetated with turfgrass or more appropriately with breeze in the future.  Alternating upright varieties of Patmore Green Ash and Lanceleaf Poplars are strategically located approximately 25-ft on-center from each other defining the parallel parking spaces.  On-street parking is a vital element in neo-traditional neighborhoods like South Main with the densities created and enabling street life and vitality.

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