A Light Imprint/ Low-Impact Development Tool in South Main

The stone pathway is on the right in the foreground, while the crushed rock sidewalk transition is shown on the left hand side of the image.

At South Main, the image to the right shows a light imprint tool that provides a hard surface path from the street to the sidewalk.  By using stone ,rather than concrete, rainwater can replenish the ground water instead of becoming stormwater.  Stone pathways achieve the greatest level of sustainability when local stone is used.  This is a common practice at South Main with rock utilized for columns, foundations, road base and landscape borders. 

In other areas at South Main, crushed rock and breeze provide pedestrian pathways where lots have yet to be developed.  Conventional practices in typical subdivisions do not provide the sidewalk connectivity until all lots are constructed.  By utilizing the compacted and crushed rock or breeze, pedestrian connectivity is not compromised in waiting for build-out.

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